Lasting Memories

These are our lasting memories from each country we visit:-

Canada – Friendly People, Snow Capped Mountains, Cycle Friendly Traffic

New Zealand – The traffic (cycle unfriendly!), The Sheep, Stunning Scenery, Ferns, Sand Flies!

Australia – The terrible traffic (very cycle unfriendly!), The Wildlife, The Wonderful Homestays,

Singapore – The Cleanliness, The Rules, The Organisation of everything!!, The Leisure Areas

Malaysia –  Georgetown, The unusual racial mix, The Roti Curries, the Buzz of the Towns

Myanmar – Bagan’s stunning temples, Puppets and Umbrellas, the tatty cars

Thailand – Saiwadee Kah (with Hands together), Ageing ex-pats with young Thai women!, Dragon fruit, Buzz of Bangkok

Cambodia – Atrocities, Dark Khmer people, Dreadful boat trip!

Lao – Accident & Bureaucracy, Lovely Smiling Gentle People, Beer Lao

Vietnam – Traffic, Horns & Highway 1, Nose Picking, Staring, Beautiful Coastline and Beaches, Ha Long Bay

China – Horns! Waving Cats, Giggling, Dismissive Hand Waving, Pollution, Poor Dogs Being Killed For Food, Factories, Butterflies

Macau – Casinos, Cobbled Paving

Hong Kong – Sky Scrapers, The Peak, Double Decker Trams, Star Ferry, Light Show, Clean & Efficient

Tajikistan – Corruption, Big Expensive Cars, Old Trolley Buses, Beggers, Fantastic Mountain Scenery, Square Pill-Box Hats

Uzbekistan – Cotton Fields, Cruelty to Donkeys, Little Girls with Big White Bows, Shaslyk, Beer Again!

Turkmenistan – Colourful Women and Schoolgirls, Desert Road, Potholes, Dogs

Iran – Kindness & Hospitality, Hijab, Driving, Ramadan

Turkey – Nike Socks, Mosques, Call to prayer, Driving in Istanbul, The Bosphorus, Lookie lookie men. Basilica Cistern

Bulgaria – Potholes, Abandoned Buildings & Factories, Holiday resorts on the Black Sea

Romania – Dacia Cars, Being spat at!! Being chased! Horse & Carts, Stray Dogs

Serbia – Friendly people, Thunder storm, The Cyrillic Alphabet!

Croatia – War damage, Long sprawling villages, Tractors everywhere, so many bars with so many drinkers!

Hungary – The thermal baths, potholed roads, Trabants and the lovely, sweet smell of a plant/shrub

Slovakia – Bratislava, cobbled pedestrian street and the beautiful women!!

Liechtenstein – Coffee and Cake in an hour!!

Austria – Veltlina Wine, stunning alpine scenary, wet majestic Vienna, the Wachau

Switzerland – Cows with Bells! Orchards

Germany – Fantastic Cycle Paths, different Brot! The Danube. Onion Topped Churches!

Luxemburg – The Pastel Houses

Belgium – Different Beers (The Trappist Beers!),  Farms that come right up to the edge of the road

France – Drivers that respect cyclists, the little Boulangeries, Patisseries, Charcuteries everywhere, The Pain!

UK – Saying Goodbye to Family and Friends, the Oast Houses in Kent, The White Cliffs of Dover

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