(Year 3) Day 139 – Sightseeing in New York – Day One

November 4, 2012 – 11:03 pm 4 Comments

We’ve walked 6 miles today covering the tourist sights in Midtown Manhattan.  Luckily here there isn’t any damage from Hurricane Sandy and everywhere has power.  We’ve covered plenty of ground; all crammed in to one afternoon!   Here’s a bit of information on some of the amazing things we’ve seen:-


Empire State Building – Built in 1931, it was the World’s tallest building for 40 years.  Built in the height of the Depression by immigrant workers, it remained empty office space for many years.  It didn’t become profitable until 1950.   More than thirty people have committed suicide from the building, the first one being a worker who had been laid off.  In 1947 5 people tried to jump during a 3 week period and the fence around the Observatory Terrace was then erected.  One lady in 1979, jumped from the 86th floor, only to be blown back onto the 85th floor by a strong gust of wind!

Last time Rog visited this building he was 3 years’ old and there’s a photo of him somewhere, trying to undo the plaque on the building, by inserting a dime into the screw!


Macy’s – The largest department store in the World, so they say!  Yes, it is enormous!!  Had a few trips around here with Rog dragging his heels!!


Chrysler Building –  Another wonderful art deco style building; we only saw this one from a distance though. It was the world’s tallest building for 11 months before it was surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931!



Times Square – This is known as one of the World’s busiest pedestrian intersections; yes, it’s certainly that!  Lots going on here, plenty of lights, lots of shops, lots of people, lots of fun!  The World’s most visited tourist attraction, bringing in over 39 million visitors annually apparently!



So, what do we think of New Yorkers then?!   Well, compared to other Americans, I guess they are a little more abrupt and impatient, but generally, we’ve had no complaints today!   We did see one really awful couple on the train with their child. The father was obviously a “would be/wannabe Rapper!!!  He was gesticulating and wailing away to his Ipod and looked as if he should be in a mental asylum to be honest!  And the mother, well,  she was so self-obsessed that narcisism was her middle name.    We felt so sorry for the child, who was either being ignored, or being sworn at.  I just hoped we wouldn’t see this sort of thing all day (the America one often sees on the TV) – luckily we didn’t ………….



Today’s Photos:-



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4 Responses to “(Year 3) Day 139 – Sightseeing in New York – Day One”

  1. Pam Starling Says:

    Love your photos! Those pretzels are making me hungry….
    Your photo essay of the Amish was wonderful. I grew up about 40 miles from Lancaster and have a lot of respect for the Amish sense of community and self-sufficiency.

  2. Alan and Marie Lewis Says:

    Do you think the marathon should have gone ahead? I’d be interested in the views of those who are there. Sad news here. Do you remember Chakra, the old lady grey cat? She died (reasonably) peacefully at home yesterday. The vet was wonderful and spent 2 hours with us trying to save her, but her heart gave out. She was nearly 18. Marie is heartbroken.

  3. Todd Smith Says:

    Good luck with the next storm to hit that area! Hopefully, it won’t delay your plans to leave the U.S.

    Saturday, we depart North Florida for the Keys….can’t wait!


  4. Rog & Dee Says:

    Hi Alan and Marie, so sorry to hear about Chakra – big hugs to you and even bigger hugs to Marie xx

    I think it was the correct decision to cancel the Marathon, but a decision should have been made asap!!! I think though, that the Mayor was thinking that it would help the economy and morale – a tough call to make, glad I wasn’t in his shoes!!! It’s a Marathon that I’ve wanted to run for a long time – I did London in 2004 so I’m due another one I reckon!!


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